Der SC Norbertus e.V. ist der Fußballverein des Norbertus Gymnasium Magdeburg

Cyprus turned the fifth eurozone place to ask for fiscal support from its companions in the European forex union as it struggles to shore up its banking companies, which took heavy losses on Greek financial debt.nThe island nation's authorities said in a terse statement that it required help subsequent "damaging spillover results through its financial sector, due to its large publicity in the Greek financial system." nnGovernment spokesman Stefanos Stefanou wouldn't say how considerably Cyprus would request from the European bailout fund, declaring that the amount would be subject matter to negotiations in the coming days. The 27 leaders of the European Union will meet up with in Brussels on Thursday. nnStefanou mentioned that despite its demand for European help, the Cypriot authorities would proceed negotiations for a attainable bank loan from a country outside the house the EU, these kinds of as Russia or China. nn"159310 doesn't preclude the other," Stefanou advised the Connected Push. "Our attempts to protected a bilateral mortgage will carry on." nnCyprus is scrambling to locate about €1.eight billion - or about 10 p.c of its gross domestic merchandise - by a June 30 deadline to recapitalize its 2nd biggest loan company, Cyprus Common Bank. The loan provider is the most heavily uncovered of the country's banks to Greek government debt, which dropped most of its benefit this yr in a writedown. nnOver the past months it became very clear that the lender would not locate the money from the non-public sector and would require to get it from the govt, by itself strapped for income and not able to increase income in bond marketplaces, exactly where its borrowing charges are way too high. Cyprus, which has been surviving off a Russian financial loan so significantly 59310 this yr, has been debating regardless of whether to inquire for European aid or an additional loand from Russia or China - or a combination of both. nnEarlier Monday, rankings company Fitch grew to become the 3rd company to downgrade Cyprus' credit history rating to junk status, estimating that the island will want yet another €4 billion to recapitalize its banking sector. It cited the banks' exposure to Greek credit card debt as well as a rise in poor financial loans more than the 59310 final 12 months as the Cypriot economy has shrunk and unemployment has risen to file stages. nnAP