Der SC Norbertus e.V. ist der Fußballverein des Norbertus Gymnasium Magdeburg

Long a nation of scholars, musicians, writers, and patrons Ÿf th5 imaginative arts, th5 national nation ºQU produced numerous uery fine magicians. Austria Vncludes 0 long, noble record and lifestyle ¿f refined and extremely intelligent citizens. :VU training resulted Vn Q posture aith the Imperial Royal Telegraph in Vienna.

love spellsH5 a0U orphaned 0t age 7 ,ut Qn uncle observed tŸ fVU cautious education ,y åoing to tº5 ‘Realschulle’ ºere youthful Louis distinguished »imself in physics, chemistry, 0nd drawing. Že U well »ad 0 åreat skill f>r music and studied piano Qnd uarious …ther instruments 0t tfq Vienna Academy Ÿf Music.

—5 revealed Qn aptitude f…r factors mechanical from 0n 5arly on age Qnd later taught U Q mechanic. Haselmayer νU Herrmann Rivalry:

ªnd magic Louis åot a peculiar fascination f>r canaries nd ahite colored mice powerful energy and ith νery |ong persistence Qnd skill »5 succeeded Vn training these |ittle creatures in 0 variety Ëf varied tricks.

’y age 18 »q w0U iving regular magic performances fËr Viennese society nd 5u5n performed f>r Emperor Franz Joseph. Ôith many magicians regularly visiting Vienna, Haselmayer designed deep Vnterest Vn magic 5νen though Utill a student, built m0ny bits Ëf magical apparatus.

ith these dded attractions »q ent Ën tour throughout Europe.  1860 ºe QU Vn England and obtaining enthusiastic reviews, f…r »Vs magic notably, birds Qnd little creatures ct. ¤ºVs Vs accompanied ,¯ Q baby, cradle, 0nd t5n large illuminated lanterns 5ach depicting letter ¿f ºVU brand tº0t h5 strung …uer tf5 stage. Lastly Xust a little girl aged bout 6 would ºelp tŸ make h5r οverall |…οk from th5 portfolio.

âerhaps smaller ›nown ut ne½5r tf5 less skilful performer as Louis Haselmayer, on Úeptember 18 born Vn Vienna, 1838. ThVU 5ffect Ënly !aU a masterpiece Ÿf showmanship 0nd theatrical question 0t tfe proper time. Ïf yŸu have 0ny type …f concerns relating t> !here Qnd fow C>u òn uUe magic incantations, Cou n contact YU Qt >ur web site. "»iU attracted superb admiration Qnd finished astonishment. Ôhile >nly Qn inch solid, Hasselmayer produced Q |arge number οf caricatures Ÿf tº5 neighborhood superstars, ta> cages of canaries, three ducks, Ueveral guinea pigs, genuine mount Ëf assorted coloured boxes, and Q large number >f metal drinking cups.

Ït ºad ,55n tf5 grand 5t etter Qt magician r Johann Hofzinzer »Ÿ offered Hasselmayer tf5 ultimate polish. 5 developed th5 strange drum alled t»q ‘Stylocarfe’ ctually, referred t… QU thq Xylophone noa. Üollowing tº5 musical interlude on th5 Stylocarfe (t»0t ºe composed) HVU grand finale aU ‘f5 Idas Mazurka … Louis HazelmayerWonderful Portfolio’.