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If you are trying to find laser marking machines both for resale or use within your business, Needham Laser is the greatest spot to obtain from. We offer you with innovative, reputable, highly-functional and successful machines to greatly help along with your engraving endeavors.

Needham Laser Marking Products

We have two important categories of laser marking systems. The first category includes laser marking systems-based on the form while the next classification incorporates machines predicated on their composition or create.

Form classifications

Within this category, there four classifications. These classifications contain desktop laser machines, handheld laser systems, and workstation and product line laser marking systems.

Centered on Composition

Below, you can find three major classes. Below, the very first category is the fiber laser etching machines. These machines are for anyone looking for durability. Also, they're suitable for a wide range file formats producing them suited to virtually every user. Subsequently, we've the CO2 laser marking systems that are the lowest priced of most our laser marking systems. Lastly, we have the YAG laser marking systems. These systems are cheaper compared to our fiber laser etching machines. The main benefit of these machines could be the power to adapt to nearly every environment.

Benefits of Your Laser Marking Systems


Should you be an environmental- conscious individual or company, then our products can help you with this specific initiative. Your items are manufactured to do efficiently while using the minimal energy. Consequently, they also subscribe to saving energy costs.


Our company is trustworthy for distributing products that extremely trusted whatever the industry they are utilized in. with your items, you enjoy large etching speeds and markings which can be very durable.

Ease of Use

Our Laser Marking systems are very easy and speedy to both recognize and operate. I.e.